Healing Him (The Den Boys #2) by A.T. Brennan

This book broke my heart.
Cody has a bad past, not just bad but brutal and it has left him unable to touch or be touched by anyone, even his best friend who he secretly loves.
Isaac knows about his past but all he wants to do is love Cody, if he never gets to be with him intimately he doesn't mind. The only thing is he isn't sure that telling Cody how he feels is the best thing.
When a new man comes in to their lives however all this is about to change.
Jonah is older than the two men and has suffered his own share of heartache. When he hooks up with Isaac he learns more about their situation and feels like he is getting in the middle of something huge. The thing is, in the middle just might be where he is supposed to be.
I love the dynamic of the book, the way the three men interact and all their insecurities kept me hooked until the last word.
Their stories made me want to look after them all and take their pain away and I love it when a book draws me in like that.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x