Magnetic by Avylinn Winter

Magnetic is the third book in the Treacherous Chemistry series and is a companion to the first book Volatile. To fully appreciate Magnetic, Volatile should be read first, however, it's still a cute little tale on its own. 


The story sicks up with Dante a little while after Chris has left him, and it is clear that Dante is in a very low place; totally heart broken due to losing the love of his life. Everything overwhelms him and he is alienating anyone who tries to get close. His mother is as overbearing as ever and his father equally as patronising. Lara, his manager, is ever his guardian but even she is finding it hard to motivate Dante. his violin and the music is of course the only thing that settles him, and Dante is inspired to move from classical to pop to try and get his mojo back. 


It is while he is debuting his first pop concert that Chris reappears in his life after several heart wrenching months. The rest of the book deals with their reacquaintance which is passionate to say the least. However, I'm not into spoilers so am not going to ruin it by telling you if it was a good kind of passion or not. Read the story and find out for yourself.


This was a short, sexy, passionate and nasty read. Full of all the feels. I enjoyed the there two books in they series and felt this was a little too short. I would have liked a bit more intensity to Dante and Chris meeting after so much pain during their separation and for e it was all a but rushed at the end. Having said that I would definitely read any more books in this series as the characters have depth and substance and I am interested to find out where their future takes them. 


I would rate the series overall as 4 stars but this book on it's own 3.5 stars.