Getting Through (Only You #3) by J.S. Finley

In the third book in the series it's the turn of Lane and Mike's story.
Part of the group of six men who served together, these are the last two to pair off.
Despite both having feelings for one another, they are finding it hard to get up the courage to make a move on one another for fear of changing the friendship and also the group dynamic.
Also there is the fact that Mike is having severe flashbacks and has ruined every relationship he has had in some way or another.
This was a fast paced book, sometimes I felt it moved a little too fast for me and skipped on quickly in time but apart from the the storyline was a good one.
The camaraderie and friendship between the men, almost brotherhood, was a really nice one. Each of them helping out whatever situation arose for the others.
Sad the stories have finished as I grew to feel like I was involved in their lives in a small way.
4 out of 5 stars.
Sue x