Peep Show (London Lads #4) by Clare London

Peepshow by Clare London – 4 stars


Oh this was a cute and sassy read from Clare London. It was short and very sweet and just a little bit on the naughty side. It was also quite amusing.


Ken works in a mall security office watching the CCTV for hours at a time. It’s his summer job while he’s on a break from uni where he’s studying media and film. It’s quite clever the way the author intersperses relevant film quotes into the story, and dead funny. Ken hasn’t had a boyfriend for a while and his mates are on a mission to set him up with an old school friend, however Ken has his eyes literally on a sexy waiter who spends his break time vying for Ken’s attention through his side of the CCTV  camera. Events conspire…sexy events I have to say… but of course Ken doesn’t really believe he’ll ever have the chance to meet the man of his fantasies.


Without ‘spoiling’ it for anyone by giving the plot away, I will say that I loved the interaction between the characters which was very ‘Britlad’ and was impressed with the original idea behind the story. A unique spin on a Peeping Tom, or rather Ken in this case!


This was a well written, evocative and fun short read. Perfect for lifting the spirits and great for a holiday read.