A Dangerous Dance (Haven Heart #3) by Davidson King

So in book three we find ourselves immersed back in to the world of Christopher Manos and the tangled web his life weaves. in this book his husband, the gorgeous Snow is in danger so we see old foes, Bill and Mace working side by side to save the family and Bill's best friend.
Another crime lord is after his favourite possession and wants Snow back, he will stop at nothing.....
With Bill and Mace working together, a passion arises that neither man wants to fight but neither really wants.
When we finally reach the end, who will win?
This is yet another brilliantly written and passionate book by Davidson King and I am absolutely loving the series. Even the characters you are meant to hate are somehow endearing and there is always twists and turns to the storyline that keeps you gripped!!
And then there's Snow! I would read them all just for a glimpse of him...
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x