Gray's Shadow (Kings of Hell MC Book 4) by K.A. Merikan

If this author has written a bad book, I have yet to find it.
Totally a winner once again with the fourth installment in this brilliantly imaginative series.
This is the turn of Gray, he's lost his other half, his twin Mike in a tragic accident and has felt for a while like he was missing something. After the fire in the last book (which you need to have read by the way) he made a pact, much like some of the others have done....
What he didn't realise was exactly what it meant. Protecting the club from all sorts of demons and monsters is a full time job for these guys.
When Shadow appears, Gray is horrified but gradually you begin to see the story unfold between the two. This odd manifestation only wants to be loved by the man he is a part of.
The connection is there, Gray just needs to realise it but he is afraid of what it will mean!!
The trouble is that this love story has a time limit and as we watch them race towards the finish line, it's a matter of hoping they can stop the clock.
You desperately want Gray to be happy, he's so lonely and deserving of love, he just doesn't see it. And as for Shadow, I felt so sorry for him. He is such a wonderful character I don't think you can help but love him....
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x