Angel of Darkness by Tyler May

This book proves that true love will not only stand the test of time but also the forces of evil.

Christian Bowman has not had an easy life.

He was the sole survivor of a car crash that took his parents from him at a young age.

To help him deal with his tragic circumstances, he delves into the reading world filled with Vampires and dark fantasies.

For years, he thought he was dreaming the man that stood watching over him in the darkness.

When he reaches the age of 21, he seems to be in the perfect job, taking people into the caves that are filled with the stuff of legend.

Zander is the blind man who owns the caves.

When he takes an interest in Christian's love life, Christian hopes that this means he is also taking an interest in him.

He is drawn to the dark, imposing Zander and would love nothing more thatn an opportunity to get in his pants.

What will happen when he finds out his fantasies are actually a reality?

Having been a Vampire for over 100 years, Zander has had more than his fair share of sex.

What he really wants though is love, and not just any love.... he wants his one true love, the one he has waited a lifetime for.

As Christian finds out the truth and is drawn into the dark reality of being with a Vampire, will love be enough to keep him from running scared.

With people being killed in the club that Zander owns and lives above, Christian sees some horrors that would turn even the toughest stomach.

What he doesn't realise yet is just how long Zander has waited for him and when he does, nothing, not even the purest evil will tear them apart again.

I absolutely loved this book, the storyline had me gripped from the very first page, all the way to the end.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x