The Making Of Matt by Nicola Haken

I absolutely love this series and have waited with bated breath for this next book.

Yet again the author has not let us down.....

Matt was the drummer for Souls of the Knight and now that the band had split he was at a loose end.

Most of his friends had found a significant other and he was getting bored of the drinking and pussy.

His best friend Alex was just about the only good thing in his life, along with his Mum of course.

Alex had loved Matt from the first time they met and would love nothing more than a relationship with him, trouble is, Matt is straight and Alex is hiding a secret that keeps him from ever pursuing anyone.

What Matt needs is a plan, a motivation to get his arse moving.

Alex has helped him come up with something that will help, buying the gay bar where he works.

Before all of this goes ahead though, Matt recieves devastating news that rocks his world.

As Alex stands by him at this difficult time, Matt begins to realise he might have feelings for him but an untimely kiss might have just ruined everything.....

What he can't quite work out though is why Alex runs away, after all he is the gay one, shouldn't Matt be the one who is confused?

With advice from his friends, he finds Alex and confronts him to find out what the problem is, the only trouble is, what he discovers is something so painful he isn't sure he can deal with it.

Why has his friend kept this secret from him?

Can they have the relationship they both want?

Will Alex be able to trust that Matt wont return to his womanising ways once he is bored with him?

This book is a beautifully written story that deals with real life situations.

Death, illness and if love can survive when 2 people are from different worlds.

i couldn't put it down and didn't want it to end.

It was lovely to catch up with our friends from the first 2 books and I am left needing more time with them all.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x