New Year's Dream by Tyler May

This is a short story following on from Angel of Darkness.

It's New Year and a special time for vampires.

It's also a dangerous one.

This is the only time of year that Zander allows them to drink VBO. This stands for Virgin blood O negative.

It makes them wild and horny but also dangerous, no human is safe.

Zander makes sure they are locked in the club and on this night only there are no humans allowed in.

Being the first New Year he will get to spend with Christian, he decides that Billy, the vampire he sired, will take over. It's about time he taught him what he needs to know for when he has to run things.

The people that helped to save Zander in the first book are all included in their celebrations the night before New Year's eve.

Vanessa is there along with the vampire cop, Lennox. They became a couple on that night and have been together since.

Billy is there of course along with Cash, Lennox's partner on the force and the human he used to feed from and have sex with.

Now he has Vanessa though this is a sore subject for Cash.

While they are celebrating, Vanessa tells them something that could change everything.

For one night only, everything is perfectly aligned for a spell to be cast and for Zander to get his sight back.

His one wish is that he could look upon the face of his true love.

There is one problem though, he needs Billy as his vessel and must use his sight for the night.

Billy will also get to feel everything Zander does.

Can he do this knowing the way he wants Christian for himself, could this be the closure he needs.

Will Zander even allow him to do it, knowing how much Billy wants his lover.

This New Year's Eve could be a very special one for them all.......

A brilliant storyline that has left me wanting more and knowing that i will have to wait!!!!!

It will definitely be worth it though.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x