Discovering Dalton by Nicole Colville

This is the second book in the Manchester menage collection and is every bit as good as the first.

Dalton is a cop.

He has been through it recently, his wife left him and he put on loads of weight.

With the help of his partner Milo he joins a gym and turns himself into a tattooed hunk of a man.

His main inspiration at the gym is the owner, Liam.

He is Dalton's idea of perfection.

Trouble is, although Dalton is far from the chubby cop he used to be, his confidence is taking a while to catch up.

Liam lives with his best friend and foster brother Troy.

They are both gay but totally different.

Liam is the macho, fit, outgoing type who likes nothing better than a love them and leave them type of relationship whereas Troy is a quiet man who falls in love too easily.

One night at the gym, Dalton accidentally catches Liam jerking off in the shower and decides he can't face the man again so keeps away from the gym.

When Milo and his men decide to get him out for the night, the last thing he expects is to bump into Liam. When his body reacts to the man he is so confused that he practically runs from the club.

When he finally plucks up the courage to return to the gym, the attraction between himself and Liam is just too strong and he finds himself kissing, touching and coming all over a man for the first time in his life.

Liam is just the man to guide him through these first experiences but with his track record, will he stick around once he has had his fill.

Troy owns his own tattoo shop.

His life has been very difficult and the feeling of creating art on anothers body is a freeing one.

Liam has been the one constant in his life and as much as he would love for their relationship to be something more, he knows it's not what Liam wants.

When a beautiful man comes in for a new piece, he instantly feels a connection.

Little does he know that this is the man who has put a smile on Liam's face.

Dalton decides that as Liam is obviously not in this for the long term, there is no harm going out with Troy.

What happens when they realise that they all know each other could possibly rock all their worlds and cause more problems that it might be worth.

The thing is, are any of them willing to give the other up?

I absolutely love this series and can't wait for the next one.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x