Deliver Me by Faith Gibson

Who would have thought you would get tired of being one of the world's biggest rock stars, not Taggart Lee, that's for sure.......

Being the lead singer for 7's Mistress had been his life for the last 15 years but he has had enough.

When his sister dies giving birth to his niece, having the responsibility of a newborn might be the very thing he needs.

Taking the baby to the park seemed like a good idea, she hadn't stopped crying for ages.

When he bumps into a beautiful man who offers his help, he is hardly going to say no.

The attraction is instant and mutual but neither men are looking for any complications.

Erik was a doctor, he loved looking after the kids.

A year after his break up he still hasn't got over the fact his boyfriend had cheated and has locked his heart away for good.

What he doesn't count on is Lee.

Becoming Delilah's doctor, he begins to get closer to Lee, and as things progress a few people are not so happy about the relationship.

Erik's best friend Sarah knows he is gay but for some reason thinks she can make him happy.

Lee's best friend knows he is gay and wants their old relationship to go back to the way it was.

When Erik realises who Lee actually is he knows that this will never become anything permanent and decides to just have fun, trouble is his heart might not be able to cope.

As Tag learns he has to go back on tour, he asks Erik to take Delilah in and when he agrees, things progress to a level that neither men predicted.

Will Tag be faithful for the 3 months he is away?

Can Erik finally open his heart and let love in again.

It seems that the key to everything is the little girl that everyone has come to love.

This book has everything.....

Love, betrayal, sex, jealousy, tragedy and a little baby.

It is just a fantastic read that wouldn't let me put it down till the end.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x