First by K.C Wells

Tommy was finally living the life he thought he wanted.

He knew he was gay and decided that when he went away to college he would finally meet someone.

His friend Ben saw it as his mission in life to help Tommy do just that.

On a night out at a club they decide to separate and Tommy finds himself at a gay bar, being underage with fake ID, he tries to sit quietly with his cherry coke and just observe.

When he spots Mike, the older and rugged bartender, the things he starts to feel are nothing he has ever experienced before.

Mike Scott or Scott Masters as he is known in the industry, has been a porn star for 20 years.

At the age of 43 he was getting a little weary of it all but while the work and demand were still there, who was he to say no.

Following his first time in the bar, Tommy started to visit every weekend while he was staying with Ben's family.

Anything for a glimpse of the man who had captured his attention.

What he hadn't realised was that Mike had noticed him too!!!!

While Mike is out of town on a shoot, the other bartenders get to know Tommy a bit better and work out that he doesn't know what Mike actually does as his day job.

On a visit home to his parents house, Tommy decides it's time to come out, after all they are his family and no matter how religious they are, they would never turn their backs on him right!!!!!

Little did he know just how bad things would get.

He ended up being cast out and told never to return.

Luckily Ben's family took him under their wings and gave him hope.

New Years Eve was a massive night in the club.

Tommy had been styled ready to go and Mike was wearing a leather jock strap and harness, they could hardly keep their eyes off each other.

When they end up having breakfast together, neither of them realise how their lives are going to change.

Mike doesn't realise just how innocent Tommy is and when he does he decides to keep the fact about his career a secret, after all it has caused him problems in the past and for some reason he doesn't want to risk losing Tommy.

What will happen when the truth is revealed?

Can Tommy get over the fact that his older,more worldly boyfriend is actually a porn star, can he cope with the fact that he will be sleeping with other men?

He would never ask Mike to give up his life for him, will Mike prove to him he's worth it?

I loved this story. It was well written and made you want things to work out. You could actually feel the angst the characters were going through and felt for them.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x