BELL'S BELOVED by Hannah Walker

Ok so I have been waiting patiently for Bell's book and lets just say, I was not disappointed....

This gorgeous warrior is strong, powerful and loves deeply and he deserves the best man to be his lifemate.

Enter Niko, one day he will be Cheiftan of the Estrvia clan.

Both men know the instant they see each other that they have found 'the one' but being from different worlds and with Bell being a shifter, they keep their love to themselves, afraid to admit their feelings.

Bell's darintha however is not so patient, he knows that they are supposed to be with Niko and quite frankly can't see the hold up!!!!

Everyone surrounding them knows what is happening, it can plainly be seen in the way they look at each other and the not so subtle touches.

When they finally come together it is beautiful.

Bell explains the ritual that will see them tied together forever, how he will make love to Niko and stay inside him all night and then his darintha will claim him in his own way.

When the ritual is over, Niko will share the same markings as Bell, the stronger the markings, the stronger the bond.

The only thing that has been holding Niko back is the fact that they won't be able to have children, something he knows he wants, but then he want's Bell more.

In steps Corin, that man can fix anything.....

Sadly though, while they are just finding their way to each other, the clan is attacked and everyone is put in danger.

I absolutely love it when all of the Avanti are back together.

These men are just perfect.

This is a brilliant book, I can't express enough how much I love this series and I never want it to end.

Hannah Walker is an absolute genius and I, for one would love to live in her head with all the beautiful warriors.

5 out of 5 (would give it more if I could)

Sue x