BLOW DOWN (The Plumber's Mate book 4) by J L MERROW

So I find myself back for another visit with two of my favourite men, Tom and Phil.

It's hard to imagine that Tom can find himself in any more trouble but for those of you that have read the first three books in the series, we know anything can happen.

Newly engaged, we find them finally settling in to what might be considered normal life.

Tom is invited for Sunday dinner with Phil's family, he is trying to cope with his own complicated father situation and is coming to terms with his hero status after the fire in the last book....

He is hired to help find a stolen necklace, little does he know it will end up with him being dragged in to doing a demonstration at a country fayre.

In usual Tom fashion this leads him to another body which in turn leaves almost becoming a victim himself.

We get to see a softer side to Phil in this book as he falls further and further in love with our favourite plumber.

Throw in a good dose of Gary and his 'little' Darren, Dave becoming a father again and a defecting Bishop and you know you are in for another good book.

Looking forward to what comes next!!!!!

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x