Rise Out Of The Flames by Jackie Nacht

When Rick is standing on his fire escape clutching his laptop, the only thing he has left in the world, little did he know that his future was about to save him.

Holden was a firefighter, it was a family tradition.

His Dad and his brother worked at the same firehouse and his little brother would soon be joining them.

It was the perfect job for them all, after all, fire couldn't kill a Phoenix!!!!

The Phoenix doesn't have what we would normally call a soulmate, they have a Sun.

Turns out that Rick and Holden were meant to be together.

The trouble is though, Rick unwittiingly took a picture of the one thing that could hurt them and now they are all in danger.

This was a fast paced read and I am looking forward to where the story takes us as the series continues.

4 out of 5 stars.

Sue x