TEMPER: A Ripple in the Status Quo story: book 5 by R Phoenix

So in this book we rejoin Reese and Ashton....

They are having an ongoing battle about Ashton not wanting to be marked with the name of his owner.

As far as he is concerned they are lovers, partners not Master and pet.

Sadly though to the outside world if you are not marked, you are fair game and this is the only thing that Reese wants him to have the mark for, to be protected.

Little did they know that this battle would not be the hardest one they were going to face.

Captured and subjected to the ultimate horrors and humiliation you could think of, Reese has to step in and save his little mouse...

The fallout from this is going to be worse than anyone could have guessed.

To win this battle, Reese has to ask for help from the one witch that no one wants to be in debt to, Elias.

The twists and turns, the allies and enemies in this book are just getting better and better.

The absolute love and care that the two men share is just perfect.

Can't wait for whatever happens next.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x