Broken Ink by Jack. L. Pyke

I honestly don't know where to start with this book.

Normally i can read a book in a few hours but this took me three days.

It was so intense and detailed that i found myself going over bits again and again so i didn't miss anything.

The storyline was unlike anything i have ever read before and i don't think you will find anything like it again......

We start with the painful subject of children being kidnapped to be used as sex slaves but what happens to turn them into slaves is incredible writing.

A tattooist is forced into inking a group of small children. What he thinks is just going to be an identifying mark turns out to be so much more.

The ink is alive!!!!!!

From this small group only three, Kiyen, Connor and Erin survive as the ink is too concentrated and kills the others.

Matt, the tattooist escapes with his life but never forgets the kids and spends his life trying to repent and save others who eventually become like them.

The original inked children become what are called the Firsts, they are used as killing machines, perfect at what they do.

The children that follow are called Seconds and it is these poor, unfortunate ones who are used for sex. They link via the ink to anyone who wants to use them for whatever sick, twisted purpose.

All of these kids are highly sexed as the ink does something to their bodies.

This story is mainly about one of the Firsts, Kiyen....

Somehow he is on the run and hiding from the men who control him. He is being looked after by a fireman, Harry and his wife.

They take him in after the residential home he was found in was burned down.

Strange things start to happen.

Kiyen is drawn to the local tattoo parlour but doesn't remember who Matt is!!! When Matt sees him he just thinks Kiyen is another second who needs the sexual frustration fucked out of him.

He realises Kiyen is what they call locked. This means that although he can satisfy others, he can't reach orgasm himself and the pain is hurting him badly.

After a disastrous attempt to help, he ends up taking a broken and bleeding Kiyen to a second, Fal, who can help.

He manages to get inside him with his ink and unlock him, an instant bond is formed between the two, albeit a love/hate one.

If only things were better now...

When Harry's house burns down, he realises there is more to the boy than he first thought.

When one of the other Firsts appears all hell lets loose and all of sudden the reason Kiyen is on the run and exactly what he has done is made clear.

Will Fal suffer at the hands of Connor, the other first who wants revenge or can Kiyen save him. What will happen when the men who own the inked ones catch up with him.

Will he finally find a family for himself after his own sold him at the age of 5.

 This is a completely heartbreaking and difficult story to read, it pulls on every emotional level.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x