Take Me Home by Sloan Parker

This is seriously one of the most romantic books i have ever read.

From the leading men, the storyline, all the way to the setting. There wasn't one thing wrong with this book at all.

We start with Evan Walker, an aspiring television writer waiting for his big break.

6 months ago he split up with his partner of 10 years and is currently living with his best friend.

The thing is, he has been in love with Kyle since high school so the situation is not ideal.

Kyle Bennett is a writer of mystery novels, or he would be if he wasn't experiencing his worst case of writers block ever!!!!!

He has always loved Evan but doesn't do relationships...

From the looks they give each other and the accidental touching, its obvious what they both want but they won't risk their friendship for a quick fumble.

They are travelling home for Christmas together, their families live next to each other and have always been close.

Evan decides that to help Kyle with his current lack of progress with his book, it would be nice to take the train home through the mountains.

Hopefully this will inspire him.

Before they leave Evan recieves a job offer but it comes with a catch. Its a game show where people find clues and win prizes of undiscovered treasure.

The only thing is, they want Evan to secure one of the clues for them, a journal that has been left to Kyle by his Grandfather.

Kyle decides that maybe this trip will be the perfect place for the two of them to explore a relationship, maybe with Evan he could try the long term thing.

Add the jealous ex to the mix though and things start to get a bit complicated.

The train journey is nothing like the relaxing trip it should be, they both know what they want but for their own reasons are reluctant to go for it.

When strange events start to happen though and Evan's life is in danger, the feelings Kyle has kick in and he realises he wants Evan forever.

This story has everything, love, sex, danger and a tale from years ago that will change Kyle's mind about everything.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x