Buttermilk Ranch by Patricia Logan

Wendell Blackowl was a cowboy.

He worked in the cow horse show ring, following in his fathers footsteps.

When his beloved horse Buttermilk dies he confides in his best friend Paisley that it's time for him to try a different path in life.

With a lot of help from Paisley he sets up the Buttermilk Ranch Cafe, a strictly vegetarian and vegan place, much to the horror of his meat loving cowboy friends.

When he has been open a year they plan a party, it's at this party where he first meets his friends half brother, Pace Avila.

Compared to Dell who is a big, manly American Indian with long black hair, Pace is a slender, svelte, blonde haired beauty.

Pace is openly gay whereas Dell has hidden his sexuality from everyone but Paisley and is still a virgin.

There is an instant spark between the two men and when Pace appears the next day at the cafe he asks Dell on a date.

Things develop between the men and they fall in love almost immediately.

Dell leaves all things sex related in Pace's hands and learns very quickly just what he has been missing out on.

He soon realises when he is accidently outed, that he had nothing to worry about, all his friends accept him for who he is.

When a flood hits town, everyone pulls together to save the cafe and new friendships are formed.

This is a lovely story about learning to love and being who you are meant to be, with whomever you are meant to be with.

Love has no boundaries.....

4 out of 5 stars.

Sue x