Feat of Clay by Susan Mac Nichol

Tate Williams was a cop.

Clay Mortimer owns an investigation agency.

They have been friends since school and although they both had feelings for each other back then, it took ages for them to get together.

Each still keeping their own houses, for appearances, they mostly spent their nights together at Clay's.

It was there that Tate would wake most nights crying out after he relived his torture and kidnap in his nightmares.

They kept their relationship quiet, not even telling family. With the work they did, Clay worried that if any of his enemies found out then Tate would be a target, that was the one thing he didn't want either of them to ever go through again.

With the help of his therapist, Tate's nightmares eased slightly, only getting worse with triggers.

The trouble was though, that although Clay wanted to keep him safe, all he felt was suffocated.

His only avenue to let off steam was graffitti, something he had loved in his younger days.

If things got too much he would take himself off and paint.....

As part of his therapy he had to help at a house for child victims of all sorts of abuse.

It's there that he realises that sometimes there are people worse off than you.

This is shown to him yet again when he tries to help a young girl in need.

Gradually he confides in Clay the things that happened to him and the circumstances surrounding his kidnap. He only hopes that Clay can forgive him!!!!

The relationship between the two men is the right amount of give and take with them both realising that what they share is something they never want to give up. Oh!!!! and as always with this series, the sex is off the charts hot.

 I absolutely loved this book, there were a few parts that made me cry which is always good. I think it was the realisation that although this was a brilliantly written story, everything that happened in it is something that people struggle with in their daily lives.

Thats what made it even better.

I love the fact that we met our old friends again from the first 3 books, which if you haven't read them yet, you should!!!!

I can't wait for the next books, this lady never writes a bad word as far as i am concerned.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x