Color Me In by Riley Hart

This book was about two lost souls, trying to find a way to fit it....
Beautiful, powerful and sensual, it's a slow burn love story that will ignite a passion deep within.
After being taken away by his parent's years before, Caleb is finally returning home, hoping to catch up and say sorry to the friend he left behind. He and Shane had been everything to each other at one time and he wanted to reconnect.
Ryan stumbled across his job in the small town and had stayed ever since. Hiding a painful past, he wasn't sure that a lonely future wouldn't hurt as well.
When the two men meet, Caleb can see some of that pain and wants to help. Sure he likes the look of Ryan and wants nothing more than a taste of the gorgeous man but something tells him to hold back.
Ryan wasn't gay!!
He wasn't entirely sure what he was as he had never really found anyone attractive apart from Danielle.
The new friendship he had with Caleb however was making him feel things he didn't think were possible.
There are so many names out there for what we are and Ryan might finally have found one that fits.
When the past comes knocking and threatens to upset the new life that he has just started to love, will what he and Caleb have be enough?
A brilliant second book in this series, I loved the way that Shane and Van from the first book were so involved in the story as well.
Can't wait to see where the author takes us in book three...
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x