Power Play by Cara Dee

I loved loved loved this book.
For some reason this sort of age gap and Daddy kink appeals to me. The fact that Mad had looked after Abel for most of his life, since his father had died was an added dimension.
He had been adopted by two of his dad's friends along with his brother Jesse and Madigan had always been there for him. He had helped him through anxiety attacks, followed his hockey career and been a constant part of his life.
Why on earth then did he confess over text to loving him...
With the contact cut off, Abel goes off the rails, he explores kink and thinks he can move past the hurt.
Madigan knows that loving Abel in the way he wants to is wrong, or at least to the outside it would be.
For him though Abel is all he can see.
When the boy comes to him for help, what he really wants is to be the one he calls Daddy!!
The passion, raw need and pain that both of these men go through is an absolute pleasure to read.
I couldn't put the book down, the whole thing just worked.
I know it's part of a bigger series and each couple will have their own story but I really hope that we get to read more about these two.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x