The Peasant King by Dominique Martin

This is a book about two men from totally different backgrounds. It's full of love, committment and passion and is just a beautiful story.
You have Gano, working his mother's land, trying his hardest to keep them fed and clothed. Then you have the King...
At the age of 21, although married the King is expected to find a companion. It can be anyone, male or female but is usually someone who will help the kingdom politically.
However sometimes, things don't work out as they should and when the King sees Gano, he takes the old rules literally and chooses him to be at his side.
Not realising that by trying to pelase everyone, he has actually started a war, he is blissfully ignorant in his lover's arms.
Although this book did have some very hot scenes, it was very refreshing that they weren't on every page and not the main focus of the story. They added a sweet, soft, romantic feel to the book and I absolutely loved it.
This book will keep you hooked throughout as we see happiness turn to worry, love turn to loss and wealth turn to a different type of riches.
Short but a perfect read....
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x