Logan by Morgan Campbell

Well this book had just about everything you could want in an action packed, brilliant story.
A madman who thinks a higher power is calling him to kill gay men, two men devastated by the loss he causes and an age old love just waiting for a chance to be reciprocated.
When the Judge kills Brad and Josh in a mass shooting, the men they leave behind know that they have to take him out if they are ever going to move on.
Looking after those in their little group who have been affected by the loss leaves little time for Logan and Cameron to grieve themselves.
The closest of friends were on the verge of losing even that and only getting the man responsible would help.
Cam had loved Logan for years, would this finally be the chance for him to get his man or would he lose him forever?
This really wasn't the time for them to start anything but sometimes you find comfort where you least expect it.
This was a hard hitting, gritty story that kept me hooked until the very last word and a fantastic installment to the series.
I hope there's many more to come....
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x