No Fear ( No Shame #3) by Nora Phoenix

This is fast becoming one of my favourite series.
In this book we get to learn more about Josh's brother and find out exactly why he turned on his brother all those years ago.
Aaron has been cast out and is all alone in the world, Josh can't forgive him all the years of pain he felt so he is taken in by Blake.
Blake isn't exactly the touchy feely type but for some reason, Aaron envokes some strong feelings of protectiveness in him and he wants to help him.
We get to see all the men in this book and Indy is about to come face to face with his past and that could mean trouble for everyone.
To protect Noah and Josh from his past, he comes up with a plan which will break their lives apart and he can only hope that they all survive.
I know this story is mainly about the relationship between Aaron and Blake but in reality the story involves all six men and their happiness depends on each and every one of them playing their part. 
Only time will tell if they all survive.
Such a gripping storyline I really can't wait for book four.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x