Why I Need You by Colette Davidson

This book was a beautiful coming together of two young men, both lost in their own problems, finding a solution they didn't realise they needed.
I can't imagine ever casting aside one of my children, especially over who they want to be with, but when Noah is outed as gay at a family birthday, his life as he knows it is over.
His bags are packed, his job lost and family life ended and all because he looked at the gorgeous waiter for a second too long.
Fin has his own issues...
Being primary carer for his little sister hasn't led for an easy year. When his parents were killed he didn't realise just how much impact it would have.
Dating is out of the question for now so he tries his best to be everything she needs, working and studying takes up all of his time anyway.
When the two men begin to start seeing each other, their insecurities come out in full force. Noah has never been with a man, not even held anyones hand in public as his father said it was wrong. How was he ever going to have a relationship if he couldn't touch the man he wanted to be with.
Fin knew that if Noah realised exactly what dating him meant, he would be off in a heartbeat, so his family life remained a secret.
Basing something new on pain and lies is never going to be easy but sometimes it's worth it.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x