An Unlocked Mind by K.C. Wells and Parker Williams

These books are a firm favourite, and so overtime a new one is released I get a sense of trepidation that its going to be as good as the books that came before. I needn't have worried - as usual, KC Wells and Parker Williams did not disappoint. 
I was a bit worried that the main focus of this new book was Rob Daniels as I remember him being the disgustingly behaved brother of Alex. Rob and Alex no longer speak due to Rob being highly offensive about his brother being gay and his choices to be in the BDSM lifestyle with Leo. 
Of course, I totally adore Alex and Leo, so getting my head around Rob's redemption was difficult. But then there's Vic. Oh my gosh, what a saint! As a practised Dom, though, he has the skills and experience to see past the horrible Rob to the needy and desperately unhappy man underneath the facade. This book deals with their developing relationship, firstly as friends and then as lovers. The challenge thereafter, is to see if Rob has it in him to be Vic's sub. 
How Rob even gets to this point is extremely engaging because we have the impression that he is a homophobic waste of space. Vic is able to recognise that the anger and belligerence is a cover for some deep seated emotions that Rob needs to confront. 
No more about the plot as I don't do spoilers, but this was a great read. An Unlocked Mind was far more than a sexy BDSM story (although it was that too!). The characters are relatable and interesting and of course it was great to re-visit Secrets and some beloved characters from Collars & Cuffs. 
I highly recommend this book which will challenge some readers' pre-conceptions and make us think beyond the common impressions of what a BDSM relationship can look like. 
5 stars