On the Third Kiss by George Loveland

Honestly what could be better?
A drag queen with a killer attitude, a passionate man with a hot accent who longs for love and a family in the background who seem to know it all....
When Sebastian is ditched by his boyfriend on the day they were supposed to go on holiday, all sorts of lies are discovered leaving Seb facing a lonely Christmas.
When bar manager Javier steps in to comfort his favourite drag queen, you get the feeling that there is more to it on his part than just friendship.
When the two men end up spending the holidays with Seb's family, passions are awakened along with a fair amount of doubt but even if Seb can't see what's going on, the rest of them can!
With a very cute nephew in the mix who is aspiring to follow in his Uncle's high heeled footsteps, the story takes on a very sweet feel.
This book left me with all sorts of warm, fuzzy feelings and with a line that will make your heart melt at the end you can't go wrong.
Very well written, beautiful story.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x