Obsession by Theophilia St Claire

So this book certainly lived up to it's name.
It was dark, gritty, passionate and in some places downright worrying!!
One of the main characters was trying to hide from his past, there were people after him and he hadn't had the best start in life.
Claude was used to money, rich and powerful knew what he wanted and always got it.
When he spots Nick he is convinced that he is the lover, Christian who had used him for his money and left him. What follows is Nick trying to work out why he keeps getting called the wrong name and falling for the dark, mysterious man.
Claude won't let Christian go this time!
The book is full of moments where you want it all to work out, then times where you just want Nick to run as far as he can. Even through it all though I felt sorry for Claude.
I changed my mind from chapter to chapter and it all made for a very 'edge of the seat' type of book and I absolutely loved it...
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x