Beauty and His Beast by Bey Deckard

With Bey Deckard, you never quite know what you're going to get. Each book is a prize all of its own - he's given us erotica; depravity; sweet romance and science fi fantasy. I've enjoyed it all and Beauty and His Beast is no exception. 
Juniper Bo is a human who has been held in stasis for 17years. He awakes on a arrange ship inhabited by 2 AIs and Marrex, a Ghelyxian monster for a captain. Juniper had left his home to make money to send back to care for his father and sisters and at some point got captured and placed into a stasis pod. 
The story is how Juniper and Marrex develop a tentative friendship that has the opportunity to develop into something more. However, there are challenges to overcome. Marrex is extremely self conscious. He sees himself as an ugly beast with only a depressing and short future ahead of him. Juniper is keen to find out how his Dad is, and until they have both reconciled their issues, it seems they can't be satisfied with things staying the way they are. 
Bey writes very well. his style draws you in and keeps you engaged all the way through. This fairy tale has hints of the ones we all know so well. The 2 AI characters are brilliant and add lots of humour to the story. 
It is fairly predictable to a point, yet that is familiar and welcome. It is also highly erotic with elements of fantasy and deeply romantic - I found this to be fascinating and also quite sexy. Overall this is a fairytale re-told for an adult audience. I loved how clever it was and found the entire experience to be stimulating on many levels. 
Well done to Bey Deckard on this adorably naughty, story. 
5 stars