Inseparable by Sloan Johnson

Gabe and Trevor have been best friends since they were born. Their parents are all extremely close and the boys grew up being the objects of adoration by both families. Soon after puberty it was obvious to the boys that the love they have for one another is more than just friendship and by the time they get to go away to college together, they are in a fully fledged courtship. They haven't one too much physically because their mothers are cloyingly observant so the opportunity for freedom is awfully enticing. For Gabe anyway - Trevor is frightened to come out. His mother would see the relationship as weird, he knew it, and he didn't want to give her cause not to love him.
So laden in equal parts with excitement and insecurity, Trevor and Gabe load up Gabe's Jeep and off they go to the next stage of their lives and hopefully their relationship. 
The book concerns itself with their development during the first year at college. The boys face many challenges and their story is sweet, frustrating, sexy and angsty. It's also quite amusing and sensitive. There is the subject of their coming out at college and at home; the stresses of their new studies; how to make new friendships; how to make time for one another. All things many relationships face but the dynamic here is different because the boys know one another so well. 
The story reaches its inevitable conclusion yet its not predictable. 
I enjoyed this book very much. It wasn't shocking or erotic or particularly exciting, yet it was throughly engaging; well written and left me feeling very satisfied. Trevor and Gabs are excellent characters and the supporting cast are also interesting. I feel like there could be more books in this series and I look forward to reading them. 
4 stars