Why I Left You by Colette Davison

5 stars
What a beautiful story written with a great deal of sensitivity.

16 year old Jamie and 18 year old Brett are best friends and fast on their way to becoming a couple. However, when Jamie inexplicably attempts to commit suicide following his 16th birthday party, Brett leaves and its nearly four years until their paths cross again.

Jamie’s parents reluctantly let him go away to university. He wants to be independent emotionally and financially, but alas he is failing at both. He decides living on his own is too expensive and answers an ad for a house share. When he gets there, Brett is one of the residents.

A tentative and fragile reacquaintance begins. Jamie is struggling with depression and over protective parents, while Brett has immense feelings of guilt over deserting Jamie even though their split was mutual.

The book examines their developing relationship from both the boys’ perspectives and is incredibly moving. Although the subject matter sounds literally depressing, there’s not too much angst and is in part quite upbeat and positive. The love that emerges is wonderful and inspiring and of course the sexy bits are, well, sexy!

The author has been brave to cover a subject matter that is highly relevant and of great importance in today’s pressured society, and when we find out more of the reasons behind it, it’s unfortunately easy to understand why Jamie took such drastic action.

I really enjoyed this emotional rollercoaster of a book, and am looking forward to the next one in the series.