Nasu by Jet Lupin

This book was intriguing from the very beginning. I hadn't read any blurb so didn't know what to expect and I was quite surprised when the plot unfurled. To be honest, if I had read the blurb I would probably have not read this book, which would have been a shame...
Phil is a nurse with a screwy schedule that he uses an excuse not to have a social life. He was in a relationship that ended badly and his love life has been nonexistent since. His good friend Jerome take Phil out clubbing one night where he meets the mysterious Shige Ukita. Shige takes a shine to Phil and makes it obvious he'd like to get to know him a whole lot better.
I was beginning to get a little disinterested in what I presumed to be a boy meets boy blah blah blah story, but then....oh wow. Events conspire that result in shine having to bring Phil back to his luxury mansion for safe-keeping, and from there on in things just get weirder and stranger for poor old Phil. 
Shige and his close friends are not what they seem. At all. Whilst there is a strong sexual attraction between them, Phil and Shige are not destined to be together. This story follows their plight for not only love but their very existence. 
It is a good story. I felt it dragged a little bit about three-quarters of the way through but then picked up nicely to keep my interest. The characters were well constructed and the plot line solid and fairly original. It was quite graphic in parts and I felt the author had good descriptive skills making it easy to visualise what was happening. 
I'm glad I read this book - it was different but good. 
4 stars