When Brody came up with the bright idea of getting married you would think it was all down to love.

But no!!!!

Brody wanted to get married so he could move off base during his last year of being enlisted, get a housing grant, split the rent with his 'husband' and save some cash.....

His intended target was Nick.

A friend of someone he dated for a while, they had kept in touch while he had been deployed and had cooked up this little scheme between them.

Now he was back and it was time to actually follow through with the plan, would it work.

Brody's best friend Addie didn't think so, so when it actually happened, they told no one till after the deed was done.

They had planned to carry on as single men and throw in a few friends with benefits type situations but it didn't quite work out!!!

Feelings were developing and some people were getting suspicious of the situation.

When Nick is attacked at work one evening, Brody is forced to admit that this is no longer just a game and that he has fallen in love.

For Nick, the feelings are the same.

Just as things look to be working out though, Brody is at the end of his career and deciding what to do with the rest of his life.

Will his plans include his husband or is it better to just end it and move on?

Can Nick forgive him for the decisions he is about to make and is he prepared to wait?

Just because it's a love story, does it mean there will be a happy ending?

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x