HEAT by Chris Quinton and R.J Scott

The Laurels had been in the Mandineau family for years, it was a fine dining establishment and was lovingly owned and run by Lewis Mandineau until he had been forced to sell.

Devon Trelawney had been sent by his father to check out their newest purchase and see if it was worth the investment or just needed to be pulled down and redeveloped.

The hostility between the new owner and his soon to be staff was obvious.

They all loved Lewis and had worked for the family for years, they would not go down without a fight.

Although on different sides, the two men find themselves falling for each other but neither want to see it as taking advantage of the situation.

When Devon finds out exactly what Lewis has been through and sacrificed for everyone he realises this isn't just another job, he is invested personally.

Frome sleeping in a spare room to looking after his injured sister, Lewis has been worn down too many times, can Devon be the one to help him see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This was a really nice, short story.

From the beginning you wanted a happy ever after for everyone.

I liked the fact that although there was romance and passion, not every page had a sex scene.

The story was more than just that....

4 out of 5 stars.

Sue x