The Isle Of....Where? by Sue Brown

When Liam loses his best friend Alex, he is left feeling an emptiness he thinks will never fade.

Alex left him with a task, to go on a holiday to The Isle of Wight and to throw his ashes off of the pier at Ryde.

Facing this however was one of the hardest things that Liam had ever done and when he found himself, day after day, not being able to just throw his best friend in to the wind, he found help from an unexpected source.

Sam had been watching Liam on the train and had decided to follow him.

Seeing the man's heart break in front of him was more than he could stand and he decided to step in and offer his support.

Liam had very few people in his life so having a stranger look after him felt odd but as Sam was so gorgeous it helped......

Sam was on the island to visit his gran, the last thing he expected was to meet a man who would sweep him off of his feet.

Between them they decided to keep Alex with them for a bit longer with the promise that Sam would be there for Liam when he was ready.

After a quick lunch, Liam was introduced to Rose, Sam's gran.

Anyone who could put a smile on her grandson's face was a hit as far as she was concerned.

Over the next few days the men grew closer and if there was ever a love at first sight then this was it.

What would happen though when Liam's journey came to an end, an ocean separated the two men, could a short term romance survive the distance.

Would an old face from Sam's past be able to get in between then and could Liam come to terms with the fact that after only having Alex in his life he finally had a family who seemed to want him.

This is a beautiful, romantic story that I didn't want to end.

The men are perfect for each other and Sam's family are just the right mix of crazy.

I loved the fact that Alex seemed to be able to talk to Liam still and help him find a future.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x