Return To Zero (Shatterproof Bond book 2) by Isobel Starling

Settling in to what appears to be a relatively normal relationship isn't going to last.

Sam and Declan are just waiting for Sam's father to step in and issue some orders that will take them away from each other again.

No one said that working for a secret organisation would be easy....

When a package is delivered to their home however, it's the two men that willingly go to visit James to find out what the contents mean.

After all, what's inside the box could only have been sent by a ghost.

When Declan discovers that Sam has been keeping more secrets from him, the relationship takes a downward turn with Sam ending up alone in the spare bedroom.

When he wakes to find Declan gone, instead of having time to find him he gets a call from his Dad and yet again is sent on a covert mission.

While Declan is taking a break from it all at his Mum's he is called to start a mission of his own.

Little did he know that his partner would be the one man he was hiding from.

When it turns out to be a life or death situation though, all the arguments and bad words go out of the window and his only thought is the safety of the man he loves.

This was a brilliant follow up to the first book and the mystery and intrigue just got deeper.

I am looking forward to seeing what book three has in store for these guys and can only imagine it will get bigger and more explosive as we go on.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x