I was lucky enough to be sent these two books to review by the author.

They are books 1 and 2 in The Pax Cymrica, the true history series.....

Although this author has a few books out, she is one I have never read before and I love that, finding a new author to read is one of my favourite things, especially when the books are so good.

In book one we meet Michael, he is bullied constantly for his looks and beaten on almost a daily basis by Simon and his gang.

When a new boy comes to the school and starts to talk to him, he is unsure if it's just a set up by the bullies to make him think he has a friend.

Turns out that Jamie is just as unsure of himself as the new boy and they find they share a love of music, this is to be the basis for their friendship and will define their whole future.

In the time when this book is set, being gay has only been legal for a few years.

When playing music together leads to experimentation, Jamie gets scared and tries to back off.

Eventually he forms a band on his own as Michael never thinks he is good enough and he decides to leave for London.

There is one thing stopping him though and he can't figure out why!!!

He just can't face the thought of life without his best friend.

This book is so beautiful, it's filled with innocent touches, heartbreaking moments of realisation and times of self loathing when they both don't want to admit their feelings for each other.

By the time we get to book two, Michael has been pushed in to joining the band.

The one thing they are told though, in no uncertain terms is that they are not to look at one another, share a room together and most definitely never touch each other.

 If they want to succeed, they must follow these rules.

That turns out to be easier said than done.

In their own minds, both men realise that they love each other and that being apart will be the hardest thing ever.

They try, they really do but the pull of someone you love being just out of reach is too much.

Jamie even marries a groupie to keep up the front but the chemistry between the two men is clear to everyone who sees them.

When Michael is injured and a replacement has to be found, the band seems to fall further apart.

Is real love worth giving up to chase your dream????

I absolutely loved these books and the build up in the first one was perfect.

Sometimes you don't need the full on sex scenes to make a story and it made a change to see the feelings develop slowly, the uncertainty in both men and the absolute love that they finally come to terms with.

I immediately went and bought books three and four and I can't wait to continue their journey with them.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x