Misinformation by Keelan Ellis

When Ethan Daniels moved across the country to stay near his daughter, he didn't realise just how his life would change.

Taking the little girl to school, he never dreamed that was where he would find his future.

Charlie Woods loved his job but the first day back was always madness.

Meeting the new parents and settling the kids in was hard but it was made even harder by the beautiful man standing in his doorway.

Ethan was bisexual but very much in the closet due to his job at a very conservative news channel, his contract was up for renewal and he was under pressure to find a girlfriend so he would fit in.

The one thing he didn't need was to start developing feelings for a man.

If his ex wife knew it could cause serious problems.

When the two men bump in to each other on a night out, they end up in Ethan's apartment .

They start a very tentative 'friendship' and although Ethan wants more he has to keep things quiet.

Charlie is willing to try this for a while but when they start to get closer, Ethan gets cold feet and calls it off.

Are they both willing to risk their jobs, Ethan's relationship with his child and their futures on something so new....

Will love find a way of being heard when keeping quiet would be the easy option.

I liked the easy flow of this story and the way it developed.

The only downside for me was that it all wrapped up quite quickly at the end and I wanted more.....

4 out of 5 stars.

Sue x