Working in the Sugar Boys Club, Daniel thought he could save his way to freedom.

Leave behind his pathetic excuse for a father, one that beat him for the smallest thing and that had basically sold him in to a marriage of convenience, all in the name of tradition.....

But as we know, all the best laid plans usually get messed up and when his secret is threatened, Daniel runs..

On his way to a new life he stops for a drink in a pub, little did he know that his dream job of working with horses would come with an unexpected bonus!!!

Ronan is at the bar, surveying the usual leather crowd. No one has interested him since his long term sub died last year.

When he spots the gorgeous man with long flowing hair and a unique sense of style, his seemingly permanent softness begins to harden.

He wants this stranger and nothing is going to stop him.

As luck would have it, Ronan's ranch is where Daniel is trying to get a job, the new job details however have suddenly changed with an added clause of submission.

Is this something Daniel would be interested in?

Could Ronan give up the dominance if Daniel says no?

What will happen when Daniel's past catches up with him?

For the two men, life is about to change in drastic ways.

I loved the dynamic between the two of the men, Ronan is an all powerful bear and Daniel, although obviously male is quite feminine in his ways and with his long, beautiful hair.

Add in the back stories and family members who play a big part in the book and its perfect.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x