Alpha Chef (J.T's Bar Book 2) by Sue Brown

A great second book to Alpha Barman. Sue Brown has managed to link the two books really well but introduced an entirely new couple with their own separate story. 
Greg is Mitch's brother who has been in witness protection for 14 years. Circumstances have sent Greg on the run and the only one he can turn to is his older brother. 
Greg turns up at Jake's bar to find Mitch who has been looking for his baby brother for all this time and their reunion is emotional. There is a lot of history to catch up on and family dynamic to revisit, yet the people looking for Greg are hot on his trail. His US Marshall, Riordan tracks him to JT's where it becomes apparent his reasons for wanting to protect Greg go far beyond professional duty. 
Greg and Riordan build a somewhat tentative but intensely passionate relationship against the backdrop of a crime boss set on revenge and a cast of characters at the bar with their own lives going on. Mitch and Greg's parents are also involved in their story which is yet another avenue fraught with angst. 
It sounds like there is a lot going on in this book yet it didn't feel that way. Everything was strung together very well and the author's excellent descriptive ability made everything vivd and imaginable. I was caught up in their story and totally invested in their outcome. Greg and Riordan are off the charts sexy and their chemistry is is a thing of beauty.
Whilst Riordan would appear to be the obvious alpha with his macho job and dominant sexual prowess; when it comes to the kitchen, Greg has all the power! He was dubbed the Alpha Chef because of his great cooking skills and enthusiastic approach to catering! Actually, it was something to be proud of especially as Jake offered him the position of bar chef. 
I loved this book. It was well written and absorbing and HOT! I look forward to more in this series.
5 stars