Silk (A Material World #3) by K C Wells

Well what can I say about this book?
I think the one word that springs to mind straight away is hot!!!
I have really liked this series so far and was looking forward to this one but I underestimated just how hot it was going to be.
Matt is an escort, not for money but for sex, plain and simple. He loves it and if you can make a bit of money while your'e doing it then why not. He always knew that he would give it up if the right man came along but until then he was having a blast....
Not to mention the fact that he was really damn good at his job!!
There is a client that a few of his friends had spoken about, all lusted after but were lucky to get a second call back for so when Matt got the chance with him he knew he was going to enjoy it.
Lucas is older, successful, and if he wanted to could get any man in to bed. The thing was though he liked the way he was in control of the situation with an escort and he knew there would be no awkward moments after, just sex and a thankyou.
He very rarely hired the same man twice...
When Matt walked through his door and in to his life however, the rules changed for both of them.
For some reason Matt took charge of the way things were going to go between them and Lucas loved it....
No repeat performances and no feelings were the way they had always lived but this time things were different.
Would real life get in the way though?
This is a seriously steamy read and I didn't put it down until the last word.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x