Out by Cara Dee

What a beautiful book!!
Wanting the best for his little brother's best friend, Zach goes to find Henry, his uncle and the one man he hopes can put Ty back on the straight and narrow.
What he didn't expect to find was a gorgeous, fit older man who would change his life as well.
Zach knew he was gay but had never had a boyfriend or much experience so when he decides it's Henry he wants, he devises a plan to make the older man jealous. After a shopping trip with a difference, he dresses to impress and sets about getting his man.
What follows is a story of discovery, lust, sacrifice and ultimately love and it's a ride you wont regret taking.
Every person in this book has his own story and plays a part and I can't wait for the novella which is going to follow at Christmas to catch up with what Zach and Henry have been getting up to....
4.5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x