Saving Alexander by Susan Mac Nicol

Susan Mac nicol has written a lot of books. I've enjoyed them all but by far the one that has stayed with me is Saving Alexander. I read it originally when it came out and have revisited it several times since. 
I'm not sure exactly what it is about the story that gets me every time but if I had to pin point it I would say it's Alexander's vulnerability. He is such a complex character with so many different facets to his personality that I am endlessly intrigued by him. I also very much enjoy this author's writing style which makes it very easy to become totally embroiled in the story.
Alexander is a man seeking respite from his past, but his methods are somewhat unconventional and rather extreme. He uses BDSM as therapy and craves the relief it provides. It makes relationships almost impossible and until Alexander meets Sage, he hasn't even considered stopping his sessions. 
I found this book extremely emotional and intense. It drew me in immediately and I don't think I drew a breath until the end. The plot was solid and the characters well developed. The sex (as always) was hot and relevant, and overall, a very satisfying read. I highly recommend this book.
5 stars