How to Domesticate a Russian Bear by CB Conwy

Please note this is the third book in this series, I didn't realise until I had finished and am now reading the first two.
In this book we find Tom and Mischa living apart so that Tom can begin his studies, that mean not only apart but with a serious distance between them. Will their Dom/sub relationship keep the same dynamic if they can only see each other every now and again.
To start with they are finding it hard and both men feel slightly lost and in need of re connecting. When Tom safewords during a scene, Mischa realises that things have to change and compromises need to be made for both of their sakes. Tom is working too hard and crashing badly after even the easy scenes.
I really liked this book and both men were very appealing.
I look forward to finding out how they met and what they have been up to in the first two books.
4 out of 5 stars.
Sue x