We Met in Death by K.A. Merikan

This was dark, gritty, scary and hot all rolled in to one brilliant book.
The main character Robert was a hired killer, he had worked for one man for over twenty years. He knew what he had done to all those people and enough was enough. He would take whatever punishment was waiting for him on the other side, it was time to end it!!
At the same time as Robert was preparing to willingly end his life, Nathan was about to have his torn away from him by three men that worked for Robert's boss. He didn't know this and in his drunken state thought that saving this one life might atone for some of his sins.
When Nathan becomes attatched to his saviour, things starts to spiral in to a very dicey situation for both of them.
Nathan is an escort, he has reached the end of his usefullness and had been accused of theft and was about to die.
When the big brute saves his life, he repays him with a night of fabulous sex, only to be cast aside in the light of day.
Robert will never admit to being gay, the long repressed feelings could get him killed in his world.
Together however they embark on a journey to save both their lives and hopefully Robert's soul.
This however involves going home and facing the family Robert has tried to keep out of his life for years.
The two men never expected what was coming their way but somehow it was fate that brought them together and together they might just survive.
An amazing book that I would highly recommend.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x