Bernie by A E Ryecart

Bernie owned Barista Boys, it was the place where he kept customers happy and gave boys with a bad past a place to feel safe again.
He looked after them all and one by one they found love and got their lives back on track. The only person that Bernie couldn't seem to help was himself.
Jared had survived a nightmare relationship and was currently crashing with his sister and her husband. After being mugged one night, Bernie was yet again a knight in shining armour....
When Bernie is invited to a barbecue by old friends, the last person he expects to see is Jared. Turns out it's a small world and his sister is married to Bernie's best friend.
A few tentative dates and the odd kiss and both men find themselves falling for each other, although neither of them are admitting it and want to go slow.
They both have scars and the only way forward is to re tell the past....
A lovely addition to this series, well written and well rounded characters as usual from this wonderful author, long may it continue.
4 out of 5 stars.
Sue x