Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Clare London

This was a short and sweet read from Clare London set in an airport terminal. Garry is waiting for his best friend Will to arrive back from a short trip to NYC. They then intend to go on to a remote Scottish hotel with their old uni friends for their annual holiday reunion. However, Will's flight is delayed by 10 hours and Garry is stuck in Glasgow airport waiting for him. 
Garry is bored, uncomfortable and hungry. While he sits and contemplates how on earth he is going to get through the next 10 hours, two children plonk themselves down either side of him and begin to make their presence very truly felt. Garry's not really into kids, but he is into Will. The time spent waiting has given him the opportunity to admit to himself that he is in love with Will, but does his friend feel the same.
10 year of Max and 7 year old Emily seem to be on a mission to cover every inch of Garry's clothes in food residue and to also get him to open his heart to them about Will. Garry finds himself gradually relaxing in their company and the story focuses on their banter and Garry's introspective musing on the love of his life. 
Without giving too much away, Will does eventually turn up and Garry finally gets to have the chat. The outcome...well you'll have to read the book yourself to find out. 
This was an immensely amusing read with a helping of angst thrown in and a lot of  sweets and ketchup. There may have been some sexy shenanigans too. Thoroughly British in tone, I was entertained from start to finish.
4 stars