Longing for Shelter (Alphas Homestead #3) by Alex Jane

I'm not a fan of anything with werewolves but the author does it so well....
You don't really get to see the wolf side of the men too much, just the ultimate power and domination that they have and I love that!!
In the third book in this brilliant series we are back with the Alphas only this time they have a visitor, a young wolf who has lost his family and his pack and has gone off the rails. His last chance at being saved is by being sent to stay on the homestead with Caleb and Jacob to see if his behaviour can be improved.
He isn't happy about this at all and does his best to cause problems and continue his bad attitude, that is until he meets the town's deputy, a man called Malcolm that takes his breath away.
Malcolm is human so Seth doesn't know if he should act on his feelings, not that it seems like Malcolm would welcome them anyway.
Malcolm isn't sure what draws him to the troubled young wolf but once they start to become friends he realises he wants more.
When things start to go wrong for the wolves with the townsfolk, Seth is the one who tries to figure it out.
Can Seth ever come to terms with how he lost his family and become part of a new pack? Will Malcolm finally find someone who sees him for more than the outcast he seems to think he is?
I love everything about this book, the way the two Alphas are with each other, the relationship and love they have for their children, the fact that all they want to do is welcome Seth in to their lives.
A fantastic third book in the series.
5 out of 5 stars.
 Sue x