Calm by K Evan Coles and Brigham Vaughn

Calm is the follow up novel to Wake. It is the continuing story of Riley and Carter, two best friends since college. In Wake we discover that Riley and Carter have feelings for each other, however, due to their staunch WASP upbringing and back ground, they never disclose them. The only way around this is to introduce a third to their bed as their conduit and they bedded many women with the occasional touch and caress 'by accident'. Once they are married and established in their respective family businesses they ceases for many years until they meet Natalie who brings them together once again. 
After Riley finally admits his feelings to Carter their lives suffer an almighty upheaval resulting in their friendship taking a severe hit. 
In Calm their story is all about coming out to their friends and family and discovering what they want sexually. They find partners, both male, and re-vamp their lives. It's not an easy ride for other of them and Carter more so as he has to deal with being a parent to his two kids throughout. Both Riley's and Carter's families reject them and although they continue to work in their family firms, relationships are strained to the point of breaking. 
Ultimately, we are all rooting for Carter and Riley to end up together. They are best friends; have years of history together and just seem to fit. But there are so many obstacles and some seem insurmountable for them ever to work as a couple. 
This book is a study of that situation. It is intense at times and extremely emotional but overall a very enjoyable and compelling read. The sex is relevant to the story and very well written, but the main draw is the ever present chemistry between Carter and Riley and how it affects their lives and that of those around them. 
This was a thoroughly absorbing read although it lacked a little excitement which would have made it a five star read. Having said that, I enjoyed it very much and would absolutely read more books in this series. 
4 stars